4:30 AM

So on November the 9th i turned 23. I have never celebrated my birthday on the week of my birthday since i started school because of exams but this year i thought i would break a few rules...who wants to be studying on their birthday anyway? At my house its tradition for cake to be cut at midnight so when i saw there was no cake this year i honestly thought everyone just forgot about...i was so wrong.
The day started off with a over due catch up with my Birthday twin Guido, who shares the same birthday as me. After catching up over the last few months and demolishing 2 rounds of wedges we headed off for the rest of our birthday celebrities. I had a few of my closest girlfriends over for dinner and to see what my mum had bought me back from Canada. She had gone for 2 months and came back the week of my birthday so i was promised not to open my presents till the 9th. So glad i waited too got a whole suitcase full of goodies.

But its the presents from my girlfriends that made my night.

Amazing flowers and a House of Harlow ring from the new collection from Valerie

Heelless Tony Bianco heels from Tihara

And a surprise Rhianna Birthday Cake (cake cake cake) from Linda which is why there was no cake at midnight

The following Saturday I headed out to one of my favorite spots where all of my friends came down for some drinks and a dance. Heres little snippets of the night.

Definitely the best birthday i've had by far.
Thank you to all of you who made it special.

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