Penelope Cruz : Campari Calender 2012

11:00 AM

 I love this shoot Penelope Cruz did for Campari. Not only does she look amazing but the campaign is themed around superstitions. I love photos with a story behind them.

 Supersition : Opening Umbrellas Inside

 Supersition : Broken Mirriors

 Supersition : Number 13

 Superstition : Black Cats

 Superstition : Spilled Salt

 Supersition : Walking Under a Ladder

 Superstition : Upside-down horseshoes

 Superstition : Portraits fallen on the floor

 Superstition : Bird coming into a Room

 Superstition : Hats on Bed

 Superstition : Broom sweeping Feet

Superstition : Walking on the cracked line

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