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If you are a 90s Kid you will absolutely love Uncle Recos tees and singlets. Every time i see a new design it takes me back to my childhood. From Gumby to Pingu ,Power rangers and Fresh Prince they have every show you loved watching as a kid covered in their collection. The NBA and Hip Hop fans will also love their designs. You will often see them testing out their new designs on their Facebook page and getting feedback from their Facebook fans. I love that they get their fans involved in the design process. If You haven't heard of them yet get on it it is definitely a brand that should be rocked by  every kid who enjoyed coming home from school in the 90s and watching ABC from 3:30 to 6 every day. if only i could do that now makes me miss being a kid. We got to catch up with Uncle Reco for a quick insight to the brand. Enjoy !!

Everyday Like This : Who is uncle Reco? tell us a little about the brand?
In 1978 ESPIRIDIÓN RECO a notorious spanish bull fighter landed a direct hit to his ball sack by famous 'Sally the Bull' and tragically lost his left ball completely. Ending his fighting career soon after Mr Reco built up enough ball to open his own sweat shop in New Mexico City. Quickly growing very popular selling tens of thousands of units across the the mexican boarder to the USA, Mr Reco got caught up selling more than just t-shirts if you know what i mean….
Partying with high profile models and gangland leaders Reco was now known to many as Uncle Reco. or Mr Uncle Reco to some.
After being forced to shut down his sweatshop operation because of a dispute with police on his premises, Uncle Reco slipped through the ever so corrupt law system and moved to Australia with model and stripper girl friend Bella Rose.
With his greasy hair slicked back and overgrown moustache intact Uncle Reco decided to get back into clothing manufacturing. Reco believes he can create a great product for the Australian market. Opening his new sweat shop in 1999 Uncle Reco hopes he can deliver the best quality vintage retro garments across Australia and again the world. He says " I know what I'm doing people doubt me but i see alot of people in this industry come and go, they silly they don't have good product like me they dont know who i know, I have my contacts and i have my passion for clothing back so now there is no stopping me Uncle Reco, people often ask me why i started a sweat shop again competing with Australia's best street wear brands and I tell them, I have new product I make vintage retro clothing from things people used to love, its that simple people used to love it i bring it back better than ever before"

EDLT : What made you start this label?
Uncle is our crazy mexican. OUr brand was made to be something a bit different to what you usually find these days. We try steer clear of 'fashion' and just pump out the sick streetwear that we all know and love. The in fad does not ditate what we sell .. if you know what I mean.

EDLT: Where can we buy Unlce reco?
Our products are only available online either at:

EDLT: What influences your designs/style?
Our style is relaxed and cool, nothing pretentious, nothing try-hard. Our main influence is vintage but not as you would expect .. as you can tell we focus on everything from vintage NBA to the 90's pop culture.

EDLT: What does fashion mean to you?
Unfortunately uncle has seen many sides of fashion. From trade shows in new york, many months in china and naturally his hometown Mexico. In other words he has seen the good and the bad and most definitely the ugly side of fashion.

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  1. I've heard Uncle Reco commits violations of numerous Copyright and Trademark laws. Doesn't seem suprising considering the stuff they print. It'd almost be impossible to afford getting licensing for all of that stuff.

    I actually stumbled across a really cool new company that my friend showed me last week called 'Dream 212 Clothing'. They have some really sick stuff, and it's much cheaper than Uncle Reco and most other companies.

    It's definitely worth a look...... I think these guys may actually go really big in the future.


    1. Hey Darcy thanks for the link to the store...will check it out xx