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Meet the Superior Ones. Our first label to to featured as apart of our Movember Series for Inside The Label. I love supporting home grown talent and when i found out they were Melbourne based i knew i had to get in touch. The items they design have a very fresh street feel to them which represents Melbourne well. They have even been worn by some famous faces; US rapper Cassidy and Melbourne rapper Lil Jase.
My favourite pieces from the collection are the 'Pop Champagne' tee, 'Respect your Superior" crew-neck and the 'Heartless' hoodie.
I was lucky enough to have a met the owner Joey not too long ago. We clicked straight away both talking about our love for hip hop, Melbourne and fashion. 

Everyday Like This : Who is Superior Ones? tell us a little about the brand?
 Joey : Superior Ones is a Melbourne clothing brand established in mid 2011 from the Western suburb, West Footscray to be exact. Currently run & designed solely by me (Joey) with the help and support of a selected few. So far we have released 2 collections and recently the first delivery of our latest collection entitled “Community Heroes”. Each of our releases is theme related and has various pieces to cater to different seasons in different locations instead of quarterly seasons.
EDLT: What made you start this label?
 J: What inspired me to start this label was the amount of unseen talents that’s not just in Melbourne, but everywhere. Giving these talented individuals a voice, basically saying, we have all the qualities that place us among the most elite members of our community at the same time, honor stars that inspire us to perform to the best of our abilities in whatever craft we’re trying to perfect.  A lot of us aren’t given the opportunities; because they assume we’re just another “brand”, another “photographer”, another “singer”, “rapper” etc based on their first impression, basically under-rated and overlooked at the bottom but we aim to prove fighting all the way to the top. Together...we are the underdogs, we aren’t given opportunities, we TAKE them and We. Are. The. Superior. Ones.                                                                                   
EDLT: Where can we buy Superior Ones? 
Currently you can get our clothes online at and every now and then at various events.                                                                                         
EDLT: What influences your designs/style? 
J: Before I come up with a new design/style, I research to make sure what I put out will represent and tie into whatever theme we have set for the collection. If you’re familiar with our pieces so far, each product has a meaning behind it and will always tie into the collection theme but most importantly branch under the main label name “Superior Ones”
An example is the latest Care Takers design; this was a wordplay idea basically saying:
1. A Care Takers is someone who takes care of properties in our community such as schools, parks etc as the ground keeper to be exact. 
2. The word He_rtless with the “a” removed is to deliver the message that we don’t give “a”.., we so focused on handling business, nothing else matter. Call that heartless, but we call it Taking Care (of business).                                                                                 
EDLT: Describe your personal style? 
J: My personal style is what I call “Colour Combo”, I love to be colour co-ordinated always starting with my sneakers, then match the rest of my outfit accordingly.I’m definitely not a high fashion kind of guy, most of my outfits are put together with both brands and no brands, as long as it looks and fits what I’m wearing then no point of spending 3 times the price on something that will pull off the same look. Kanye West is one of the main dudes that I look up to fashion wise, his style is always on-point regardless of what he throws on! I guess that’s just his Superstar status.. haha

EDLT: What does fashion mean to you? 
J: Fashion is a great form of expression. A person that takes time and effort into looking right shows self respect. When you look good, you feel good about yourself. It’s great to see so many people experimenting with fashion, not just the ones are the wearing but a lot of great brand/designers putting out awesome stuff as well. Even though I say fashion is a form of expression, some people are too quick to jump on the bandwagon and adapt something which they see as the latest trend. So big ups to those who create their own style. 

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