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What better brand to feature on our Movember posts then one who gives back to the community. SHRWLTH (Share Wealth) represents just that, with donating small amount from their sales to one of their local charities. You can see this Brisbane labels designs are influenced by Hip Hop (which i love) - with Kanye West & DRose Tees and even been worn by rappers such as Fortafy.
 My favourite design is definitely the "Too Indie for Melbourne, Too Hipster to Sydney" tee. I love the concept behind it very smart and quirky. I definitely want one even thought I'm a Melbourne girl.
This is our first Brisbane label to be featured on the blog so I'm very excited to share the interview i had  with Calvin, who is one half of SHRWLTH.

Everyday Like This  : Who is SHRWLTH? 
Calvin : Shrwlth consists of two creative individuals with unique backgrounds and abstract ideas. Calvin Chin (background in graphic design) and Anton Heymann (background in business marketing).
EDLT : Tell us a little about the brand?
C: SHRWLTH Apparel (Share Wealth) is an independent fashion label based in Brisbane. The street wear is inspired by a fusion of music, design, sport, sneakers, culture and everyday style. In order to share the wealth with the community we intend to create strong partnerships with local businesses, artists, musicians and associations. A small portion of each tee sold goes to the Queensland based charity ZigZag Foundation; who help sick and underprivileged children. Based around the quote from Pharrell Williams “Wealth is of the heart and mind, not of the pocket.”
EDLT: What made you start this label? 
CA passion for design, fashion, street wear and music. The need to do something amazing and exciting with our lives instead of being zombies.
EDLT:Where can we buy SHRWLTH? 
C: We are based in Brisbane, Australia and we are stocked in a couple of places in West End and the Valley. The easiest place to find our tees is our online store – – we ship locally and internationally.
EDLT:What influences your designs/style?
COur biggest influences would have to be predominantly hip-hop stars. We look up to people like Pharrell, Game and Kanye. It’s because they are all multi-talented. They started off in the music industry but they have all gone into other avenues through fashion, branding and their own clothing lines.
EDLT:Describe your personal style?
CIt’s a mix of many different looks. Some days urban, some days indie, some days skater. It really depends on the mood and situation.
EDLT:What does fashion mean to you?
CIt helps depict who you are as an individual. Your personality and your attitude.

Shop and show em some love on social mediasphere:
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