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RariTy is a label i got to work with at the Civilian Chavez runway Show at earlier this year. One of the owners also happened to go to high school with me. It was crazy thinking that we both graduated all those years ago in 2007. Its so good to see people from all those years ago working hard and succeeding at what they love. It is very inspiring.

The range consists of mens singlets and t-shirts which don't break the bank. My favourite from their collection would have to be the Aztec Fresh Prince tee which is only $22.
They also have a a new concept which will debut in December which i am really excited about. 
Read more about it in the interview i did with them below 

Everyday Like This : Who is Rarity? tell us a little about the brand? 
RariTy : RariTy is a men’s fashion label established in 2011, created to serve a simple purpose. Sam Rickard and Eloise Ballet, two people that had no experience in fashion design but big dreams, created it. RariTy is here to provide fresh clothing (tees and singlets for guys) that are at a price that don’t burn through pockets but maintain that super nice quality when you wear it again and again. You might think that because of the prices we put on our clothing that we don’t seem to care about quality but this is always the top priority. We’ve sourced ultra high quality 100% cotton fabrics. This feels so nice, you wouldn’t really expect to find anything like it in the retail channel unless you’re willing to pay $40-$50!

RariTy is going to transition into a new concept, commencing December 2012. We can’t reveal too much at this point but essentially we are going to bring the level of ‘personalization’ in clothing to another level. 
Imagine seeing a design that you’ve fallen in love with but its in a basic style that you won’t dig….depressing right? Well what we plan to do is going to turn those frowns upside down. SO jump on the RariTy bandwagon because the more people we have interested, the better we can shape the future direction of the business in terms of style and flare.

EDLT :What made you start this label?
R:To be honest with you, a random idea popped into our heads to produce some simple clothing with a few words on them that embellished the trends and commonalities within our generation. All it took was an idea. One thing simply lead to another then before we knew it, we had material products in our hands that we could sell. We then kept experimenting with different styles, got some more people on board and well, we’ve just launched our new line and people are taking quite a liking to it! SO here we are!

EDLT: Where can we buy Rarity?
R: You can currently buy our threads from our website We also advertise our products through Daily Labels (sometimes we do special bundle deals so be sure to keep a look out at Towards the end of October, a new t-shirt hub, “Tee Me Up” ( will be launching and we have been asked to showcase our stuff so it’ll be interesting!

EDLT: What influences your designs/style?
R: We all know trends are forever changing however history remains static. We currently have a great love for all the retro figureheads of the 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, so expect a big push and a lot of new designs circulating around this. When looking for inspiration, you honestly have to stop for a second and take everything in, you never know what will jump out at you. Take that extra second to look on the walls when walking down the street, what people are listening to, what people say. All these key elements generate an “image”, then we then imbue into our designs.

EDLT: What does fashion mean to you?
R: Fashion to us is the complete manifestation of individual traits, ideals, likes, dislikes, cultures and lifestyles. Fashion shouldn’t be something that people have to follow or get told to follow, instead it symbolizes the freedom of unique expression; wear what you are. This is the underlying notion of RariTy, we just want to produce unique and amazing products that people will want, not to create a new trend that figureheads get a hold of and dictate to the masses that “this is in” (not that anything is wrong with that!). Call it reclusive or anti-social behavior, but it’s all about uniqueness, hence the name, RariTy. 

 Behind the scenes at The Civilan Chavez show. Back Stage fittings with the male models.

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Twitter : @rarityclothing

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