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Think cool, fresh yet comftable. Thats what Melbourne label Nada Igual is all about. They make all these basic pieces but put their own little twist to them to make them stand out that little bit from the crowd. Whether it be the cuts of the t-shirts, the colours of their shorts or the fine detailing of their pants back pocket Nada Igual defiantly presents Melbourne fashion well. What i love about these pieces the most are that they are versatile. Festivals, night clubs or even a date; i could see guys rocking this label in many ways. They're simple yet trendy so you are always on top of your fashion game.
I will defiantly be getting my guy friends on this brand. Without a doubt i know this label will do wonders in the future. As promised in the Month of Movember i would be doing more Mens labels so here is the interview I did with John from Nada Igual to give you all a little insight into the brand.

Everyday Like This: Who is Nada Igual? tell us a little about the brand?
Nada Igual: Nada Igual delivers a flawless fit using quality thread, impeccable shapes and ever-changing designs which make for an ultra-dynamic aesthetic.
Known to Spaniards as “nothing equal”, Nada Igual presents to you its debut range of comfort and edge. This label was created for the man who differs from the norm, who is never led by trend or fears rejection. The word 'regret' is not in his vocabulary.
Aware of international and local trends, but never solely influenced, our focus is to offer clean, crisp and simplistic pieces that will collaborate with any self expressing wardrobe.
With the word "nothing" being the cornerstone influence of what we do, Nada Igual strives to continuously offer innovative and fresh garments that are nothing like you've worn before.
EDLT: What made you start this label?

NI: Saw a gap in the market for simplistic pieces with a relaxed vibe that everyone can wear and of course our the everlasting passion for fashion.
EDLT: Where can we buy Nada Igual?
NI: Scene Fashion & Lifestyle, 107 High St, Preston 3072

Brass Denim
150 Bridge Road, Richmond 3121

Horse With No Name
1/171 Greville St, Prahran 3181

EDLT: What influences your designs/style?
NI: Inspired/influence by everything, big belief in breathing life into ideas/concepts that has been rejected in the past and turning them into something that people will love.

EDLT: Describe your personal style?
NI: My personal style is whatever feels good and looks good on the day for the right occasion… however you can't ever go wrong with basics with a point of differences

EDLT: What does fashion mean to you?
NI: Fashion is leading from the front and having no regrets.

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