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When i saw the Biggie and Tupac prints i knew i had to get this label for the Movember Mens edition of Inside the Label. I love supporting up and coming designers especially from Australia. I think its so important for us to support our local designers. This Brisbane Label has some pretty dope designs and i love the fact that even though some could say its more for guys, girls can also rock out these styles too. My favourite would have to be the LA singlet with the bones. I recently got in touch with the owner Mark to find out more about this up and coming label.

Everyday Like This : Who is Carousel Apparel? tell us a little about the brand?

Mark : Carousel Apparel is an independent clothing label based in Brisbane, Australia. I run/own the label and plan to keep it that way! Carousel focuses on streetwear, clothing you would actually wear out in public. 
EDLT: What made you start this label?
M: My aim was to make clothing that I actually wanted to wear. Big simple prints on good quality garments. I'm not a fan of extravagant designs that are splurged all over t-shirts.
EDLT: Where can we buy Carousel Apparel?
M: - We ship worldwide!
EDLT: What influences your designs/style?
M: A wide variety of things influence our designs. Hiphop, streetwear, cats, big prints, big clothes and #swag hahah!
EDLT : Describe your personal style?
M: I personally wear every item of Carousel Apparel. I would hate to makes clothes that I wouldn't wear myself. I like wearing big singlets, beanies, jeans and vans/nikes.
EDLT: What does fashion mean to you?
M : Looking good, putting together outfits that work well with each other. 

They have a give-a-away competition at the moment so be sure to check out their social media links: 
Instagram : @carouselapparel

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