Word On Road : They Know

12:01 AM

 As you know it is the month of October aka Draketober. We all know im obsessed with the rapper and wanted to do something on the blog for his birthday month. So starting today leading up to his birthday i will be posting a shoot i did a few weeks ago. I have named the collection of photos Word On Road after the official fan site. The people behind the site (shoutout to Megan) are amazing at keeping us updated with everything Drake.
In each photo i am wearing a Drake themed outfit and took photos along random spots near the city in Melbourne. There are a total of 6 sets of photos. here is the first one. I hope you guys like it


Wearing : Everyday Like This - Drake Tattoo t-shirt
Flannel shirt from Op Shop
American Apparel Disco Pants
Novo Shoes Wedges
Michael Kors Watch

Photography by Tihara K

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