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Like any fashionista when i changed Unis a few years ago the first thing i searched for was new stores i could shop at when i had long 2 -3 hour breaks. I did find a few but my favorite would have to be ALYSSMN. I follow her on Tumblr and Facebook and i just admire the way she puts so much time and effort for her customers and answers all their questions even if they're not store related.Soon as i walked into the store i fell in love straight away. The big graffiti art on the back wall gave the store a little edge. There wasn't anything in the store that i wouldn't wear. She also makes a lot of her own clothes. When i went in she was making these black galaxy spray painted dresses which of course sold out straight away. I was lucky enough to get an interview with the store owner Alyssa. She was so lovely to talk to and is in the store most days so be sure to go say hi.

Everyday Like This : Describe what ALYSSMN is all about? 
Alyssa: ALYSSMN is a clothing store aimed at the fashion forward and slightly edgy girl who dares to be different. It's based on my own personal style.

What made you start the boutique? 

As a teenager I quickly discovered that there weren't many stores that catered to my alternative tastes and with my love of fashion, I decided to share my ideas and put them out onto the racks!

What kind of pieces and collections do you stock? 

Apart from stocking some price pointed labels like Otto Mode and Eniko + Skye, I stock my very own Melbourne made label called ALYSSMN.

Where do you get inspiration to make your own items? 

I draw inspiration from designers and labels such as Alexander Wang, Givenchy, McQueen etc but ultimately my inspiration comes from not finding what's out there (haha)

Do you think living in Melbourne plays a part of your inspiration? 

I think it plays some part as Melbourne style is definitely cooler than the other states

Describe your personal style?

Grungy, edgy, definitely not girly and experimental.

Tell us one of your highlights of working in fashion? (why is it amazing lol)?

 I think one of the perks of working in the fashion industry is getting the opportunity to meet with amazing designers and being invited to new collection launches. So far I've met Josh Goot, Dion Lee and have been invited to the Karl Lagerfeld collection launch!

You have had success at such a young age, what is your advice to others who dream of opening up their own store?

 I encourage anyone and everyone to follow their dreams as long as they're prepared to put in the long hours, hard work and dedication that this kind of job requires.

What does fashion mean to you?

 It's art. It's self expression and it's life.

 848 Glenferrie Road, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 3122

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