Fashionista Fridays : Oh, That Boy

6:02 AM

Meet our first Male Fashion Blogger of the Fashionista Friday Series for October. I first met Khoa backstage at Loreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. We were both volunteering and dressing models for shows. Usually after fashion week you never really see or hear from the fellow peers you worked with...unless of course you add them on Facebook during the festivities. i got a message on my Facebook page a few months later from him and i found out he was a blogger too. I love following all his latest buys (which he posts on Instagram) He has got amazing style

What is the name of your blog and when did you start it?
Oh, That Boy and I think I started it the end of November last year.

What made you start a blog?
My blog is a result of a frustrated teenage boy who couldn’t find enough inspiring menswear blogs. I’ve always been into blogging and have had a Tumblr all throughout highschool but I never really thought about starting my own proper fashion blog until I found myself at the end of my first year of uni, when I had way too much free time and needed a distraction from all of my uni readings. Definitely a good way to procrastinate!

What are the kind of posts we can find on your blog?
I love menswear, I love streetstyle and I love doing DIY’s so those would be the kind of posts you would find on Oh, That Boy. When fashion weeks come about, I do menswear trend reports and reviews. I love taking streetstyle snaps (whenever I can) because to me there is nothing more inspiring then streetstyle, it’s fashion at it’s most creative and at it’s rawrest and I love it, a very different vibe to runway which is what I love. From time to time I would also do a little post of things I’ve been up to or on my travels because although my blog is about fashion, I want to create a more personal and intimate connection with my readers because I think that is something that is really important, especially in the blogging community.

Where do you get inspiration for posts?
Most of my posts are pretty standard, but occasionally I would get inspiration from other blogs and what not. I always love seeing what other bloggers are doing and it is at times really inspiring to see what some people can achieve with just a blog.

Does living in Melbourne influence your style?

Definitely. I love Melbourne. I love the culture here and it is very clearly reflected in the fashion. The fashion in Melbourne is very eclectic which is why I love it so much. It’s inspiring seeing what people have to offer and the diversity. When it comes to my own personally style.

Favorite place in Melbourne?
My favourite place in Melbourne

Favorite places to shop?
My favourite places to shop would definitely Brunswick St, Chapel St and the GPO (Yay for ACNE!).

Describe your personal style?
I don’t have a certain aesthetic I like to be associated to. When I get dressed every morning, I dress for myself. I’m only influenced by trends to a certain extent but I think the thing that influences my style the most would definitely be my mood, the weather and my surroundings. I guess if I had to pick a certain style, I would say minimal. I believe in less is more. I don’t like having too much going on in one outfit. Usually I would pick one statement piece for an outfit and the rest would be very tamed down.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion for me is a medium of self-expression and expressing self identity. It allows people to be able to express who they are to others, which is something I find very inspiring.

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