My Mammas style : Packing for Canada

1:00 PM

So my mum has been planning to go to Canada In September for 2 months. She will probably be there by the time this post goes up. Just between you and me i probably won't survive, its going to be a challenge as we are super close but thank god with things like Skype it wont feel like shes far at all.
So anyway she wanted some new threads before she left and it was clear that she had a new thing for colored denim.I think we got 5 pairs in the end - Black, White, Red, Magenta & Blue. 
Before she packed she called me to the bedroom to help style outfits that she could take there. I thought I'd take some pictures of her to show you that she is just as into fashion as i am and that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. She put on some sunglasses and went model mode when i started taking pictures haha so cute.

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