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Nothing gets me more excited then to come across an amazing new label, Specially when they're from Melbourne. I love home grown talent so when i saw this new label i knew i had to reach out and find out more. Its pretty evident from the photos JVP has a bright future ahead but its the man behind the brand you should all keep your eyes on. I've seen his past work and  he is definitely one to watch out for. His personal style alone tells me he always thinks outside the box. Melbourne fashion at its best!

Everyday Like This : Who is JVP? tell us a little about the brand?
Jason : JVP is me, Jason Vincent Piperno, and now, a brand that basically captures my essence, influence and style. I'm a diverse contradiction of sophisticated luxury, and ignorant street aesthetic.

What made you start this label?
I've been working with fashion and styling for some time now, with much credit from many great people out there worldwide, and many friends in my city which I love, Melbourne. These are my motivating forces for creating some great designs that are quite unique, next level, and very powerful.

Where can we buy JVP?
To begin with, JVP will only be available from my website

What influences your designs/style?
I have many classical influences throughout art and fashion cultures, and many modern influences throughout music, design, and fashion scenes. I take notes from lots of high fashion inspirations, delve into lots of culture magazines, and listen to a lot of diverse music, from Rap through to Rock, Indie through to Pop.

Describe your personal style?
My personal style is quite diverse. I tend to work my outfits based on my moods and feelings. Some days I can be minimal, and some days I can be loud. I like to contrast and contradict, and I've always had a fascination with raw street fashion mixed with high-end luxury and sophisticated class.

What does fashion mean to you?
Fashion to me is a way of expressing oneself. I believe that someone that truly "knows thyself" will take pride and show art in the way they style and portray themselves. "Fashion speaks louder than words" in some cases.

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