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On a recent trip to David Jones i accidentally stumbled across a few new labels which i hadn't heard of before.One of them being Sydney based Label Backstage. I remember i took pictures of the brands tag and label and made sure i did some research online to find out who they where and why i didn't know about them sooner. I loved all the edgy unique pieces they had and the fact they were Australian made me fall in love with them even more. Christina Milian, Jennifer Hudson, Kirsten Cavallari, Shenae Grimes & Paris Hilton are just some of the celebrities that have been caught out wearing this Aussie label.
 I recently was lucky enough to get an interview with the design team for you all to give you an insight into this amazing brand. They will be show casing their stuff at New York Fashion Week In September. I wish them all the best for the event and cannot wait to see the photos !!

Everyday Like This : Describe what Backstage all about?
Backstage : Backstage is a label that surrounds itself around creative energies. It's a label that loves getting noticed, but also just as happy to hang backstage. Also love the idea that being Backstage can mean so many things beyond just fashion.
EDLT: What made you start the label?
B: Always loved art, music and grew up in the fashion industry. Put all this combination together and starting Backstage made sense. 

EDLT:What kind of pieces and collections do you stock?
B: Dresses, tops, skirts and pants. As we are stocked around the world we create clothing that has no season as its always going to be a sunny day somewhere in the world and freezing somewhere else. 

EDLT:Where do you get inspiration ?
B: Our inspiration comes from everywhere, whether its watching a band, sitting at a coffee shop or lately reading cool fashion mags from the 80's and 90's. Usually one good idea will change our path and we are of on a different direction. Also fabric's play a big part of designing a collection, finding the right fabric and imagining what to do with it is always a rush. 

EDLT: Do you think living in Australia plays a part of your inspiration?
B: Yes, definitely. Even walking your dog down Crown St is a great way of being inspired. We travel around Australia and meet with all our customers who are a great source of inspiration and direction. Australia has created its own look and style that is now watched by the rest of the world. It has such a great mix of people with a creative eye for fashion, whether its the streets of Fitzroy, Leederville, Surry Hills or Fortitude Valley, Australia ROCKS!! 

EDLT:Tell us one of your highlights of working in fashion? 
B: So many highlights! Latest highlight would be, being approached by David Jones in Oz and Bloomingdale's in the U.S. to stock Backstage in their stores in the same year. Usually its hard to get an appointment with a department store, so having both stores contacting us was a huge rush. Even more exciting is that we've been asked to have a Backstage event in Sept in N.Y. at Bloomingdale's Soho store for Fashion Night Out.

EDLT: What is your advice to others who dream of opening up their own store?
B: If you think by having your own business that you are going to work less, than think again, but if your vision is to start your own store or label or business and that's all you think about, then follow your dream. The biggest success will be doing what you love and loving what you do.
EDLT: What does fashion mean to you?
B: Fashion means creating looks that tells your story and never taking it too serious. It's taking a risk and looking back a couple of years later and having a laugh, and wondering what was I thinking. If your not trying to do something different, right or wrong, then you are just following, not creating. 

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  1. thank you for sharing such a beautiful blog.......

  2. Actually love the ankle boots they've used in this campaign. They look like patchwork sequins/studs? Wonder where those beauties are from.