Fashionista Fridays : Ezzentric Topz

4:26 PM

I recently got to interview Twee from Melbourne/ Hong Kong based blog Ezzentric Topz. Her style is so unique. I would never imagine to mix sporty athletic pieces with girly dresses and skirts (most of which are from her Ebay store) but she does it so well and it looks so effortless and chic.Here's a little insight into this lovely bloggers world !

Everyday Like This- What is the name of your blog and when did you start it?
Twee - My blog is called "Ezzentric Topz", I started it in early 2010. "Topz" is my dog Topaz! He's such an eccentric yet super lovely dog! I love him too much that I have to name my online store, as well as my blog with his name
EDLT- What made you start a blog?
T- I first started my blog as the backstage of my store. It was mainly focusing on the latest news of the store at the beginning but I guess it has now evolved into my personal style blog.

EDLT -What are the kind of posts we can find on your blog?

T- I love sharing what I wear everyday so most of my posts are about my personal style. I also love posting lookbooks and editorials that inspire me.

EDLT- Where do you get inspiration for posts?

T -I get a lot of inspiration from menswear and children wears for my outfit posts. Adding elements from the man's and boy's section to outfits just makes my fashion world a lot more interesting.

EDLT - Does living in Melbourne influence your style?

T- I guess it does! I am from Hong Kong and was brought up there so I was mainly influenced by the Japanese and the American fashion when I was younger. Fashion in these two countries are more about sporty style and brand new clothing so I knew nothing about vintage clothing before moving to Melbourne. Melbourne is a vintage capital~ There are so many gorgeous vintage stores here and everyone is just so good at styling vintage pieces! After staying here for seven years, I have definitely been influenced by this lovely culture. At least 1/4 of my wardrobe is vintage now

EDLT- Favorite place in Melbourne?
T -My favourite place in Melbourne is the Yarra Bend park. Yarra Bend park is like my little sanctuary where I can escape from busy city life and spend some quality time chilling with my boyfriend and my dog.

EDLT -Favorite places to shop?
T - I usually do most of my shopping when I am back in Hong Kong since there are a lot more brands and styles to choose from and prices are just much more reasonable, especially for designer items. When I am in Melbourne, I love shopping on Brunswick st in Fitzroy. Shops there are always stylish and quirky! Cafes on Brunswick st are also irresistible !

EDLT- Describe your personal style?
T - I guess my style is pretty straight forward - bold, sporty, with a light touch of girliness.

EDLT -What does fashion mean to you?
T- Fashion is life motto. Be brave and confident with what you've chosen and never regret. This is how we should dress ,this is how we should live our life!

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