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Meet the stunning duo from Estelle La Mode. I first met them at the First Australian Fashion Bloggers conference earlier this year and have admired their style ever since. i love the way they mix bright colors, prints & different textures and still make the outfits looking fabulous without being too over the top.
I never thought i could get away with wearing colours like oranges and greens but seeing how good it looks against their skin tone i am so tempted to see how they will look on me. Here is a bit more about Rachel & Esther. enjoy

Everyday Like This : What is the name of your blog and when did you start it?
Rachel & Esther : Estelle La Mode is the name of our blog and we started it in January 2012

EDLT : What made you start a blog?
Rachel: For me it's a creative outlet that would allow me to express myself and fulfill my love for fashion.
Esther:I started to blog as a way for me to understand my body shape and what clothing works best on me. It is a way to share the things I love about fashion and a way to get more rooted into the fashion industry.

EDLT :What are the kind of posts we can find on your blog?
E & S : On Estelle La Mode we post personal style posts, fashion trends we are loving and things that inspire us in general. It is really a style diary to capture our style and the events we attend.

EDLT :Where do you get inspiration for posts?
Rachel: My inspiration comes mainly comes from magazines, fashion websites
Esther: I am constantly inspired by so many things. Fashion shows, such as Fashion Police. I love viewing other blogs and what celebrities are wearing. at the moment I can't get enough of Olsen Anonymous and Olivia Palermo's blog. I love researching designers and anything to do with dance!

EDLT :Does living in Melbourne influence your style?
Rachel:I think my style would be the same regardless of which city I live in.
Esther: To me living in Melbourne and going to Uni definitely influences my style. In Melbourne we wear a lot of black which I've noticed I do as well. I don't like that aspect so I'm constantly trying to change it. Going to Uni and seeing what other girls are wearing and the general trends influences me as well.

EDLT :Favorite place in Melbourne?

Rachel: My favourite place in Melbourne is The Botanical Gardens because that's where I got engaged and married.

Esther: I just love Melbourne city in general, a lot of memories and moments made. I love St Kilda beach, as well as Chapel Street. Every time I go there it reminds me of The Hills for some odd reason.

EDLT :Favorite places to shop?
Rachel: Zara, Forever New, MNG, ASOS and Steve Madden
Esther: I've been shopping online lately, ASOS and Boohoo are some of my favourites. I also love shopping at UCutie and Ally Fashion and Forever New.

EDLT :Describe your personal style?
Rachel: My style is how I feel, it's girly and classic with a twist.

Esther: I don't know what my style is, I love being girly, but then because I am a dancer I'm influenced by urban wear and dance wear. I'm still trying to figure this one out.

EDLT :What does fashion mean to you?
Rachel: What fashion means to me: Is fun and shouldn't be taken too seriously. It's a way of expressing yourself and how you are feeling at that point in time.

Esther: Fashion is a way for each individual person to describe to the world who they are, what they feel. Fashion is a way to show you value yourself, don't be afraid to dress up even if you're going down to the shops.

Below is a collection of my favorite outfit posts of the girls & links to their block and social media platforms :)

Twitter : @Estelle_La_Mode
Instagram : @estellelamode

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