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Meet Alice. She is the beauty and brains behind Melbourne fashion blog 'Catwalk of Words'.. This is not her first feature on Everyday Like This.She was also in my street style section from the first time i met her at The Blogger event hosted my Wish Clothing. Not only is her style amazing. She has the most perfect blonde curls that i think also adds to her flair and makes her stand out from the rest of the crowd. It is also noted that Alice has recently been crowned the official Melbourne Spring Fashion Week resident blogger. Well done missy :)

what is the name of your blog and when did you start it?
Catwalk of Words, started in 2010.

What made you start a blog?
I started my blog simply as a creative outlet, a place to write about fashion and things/people that were influencing my life at the time.

What are the kind of posts we can find on your blog?

You will find a mixture of trend reports, designer/ brand features (I love promoting emerging Australian designers) and fashion event reviews. This is all peppered with a few personal style posts.

Where do you get inspiration for posts?
I draw inspiration from everywhere (magazines, blogs, fashion sites it's an endless sea to navigate through). The easiest though is when I'm writing about an event. I guess that's my journalistic background kicking in wink

Does living in Melbourne influence your style?

Not really. I've lived in Sydney & traveled overseas and I found that no matter where I am, I'm always drawn to the same aesthetics.

Favorite place in Melbourne?
Anywhere that serves a perfect egg & smashed avo brunch!

Favorite places to shop?
Sportsgirl, Zara, General Pants

Describe your personal style?
On trend with an eclectic twist

What does fashion mean to you?
To me, fashion is something that can exist as a universal language. No matter what your mother tongue, you can wistfully admire, interpret and follow trends by watching a runway show, gazing at magazine advertorials or simply by drawing inspiration from that old lady in the street wearing a miscellaneous headscarf and distinctive colourful socks,

*note : photos have been updated since the post due to increase in more amazing outfit posts on the blog (yes i keep my tabs on my fav blogs)

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