Fashionista Friday : Seven Autumn Leaves

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As the months go by i keep meeting all these fabulous Melbourne Fashion bloggers but it seems there no database or record of all of us if people were to ever look for us Melbourne fashionistas. Which is why i have started Fashionista Friday .i initially just had a Facebook album with pictures but now decided to interview this talented bloggers too. Each week i will be introducing you to a blogger that i have met and give you a little insight into their world.

First up the Lovely Sevan from Seven Autumn Leaves Blog.  love her style and the detail she puts in to all her outfits. I have posted a few of my favorite looks below. enjoy !

Everyday Like This :What is the name of your blog and when did you start it?

Sevan: I started my blog in April 2011 and named it Seven Autumn Leaves. The name came from my name (Sevan) and the fact that this blog will cover many topics, sort of like autumn scattering leaves.

EDLT: What made you start a blog?

S: I had a close friend who I hadn’t been in touch with for a while after she moved overseas. By reading her blog I felt that we were back in touch again because she was sharing parts of her life with us and it was nice to feel like you are part of that by just reading it.
And since I have always been obsessed with fashion and have an overflowing wardrobe, I found it a great platform to share my personal style and views on fashion.

EDLT: What are the kind of posts we can find on your blog?
S: I mostly focus on my own personal style posts but also cover events and post travel diaries (when I’m lucky enough to be travelling!)

EDLT: Where do you get inspiration for posts?

S: Everywhere and anywhere. I find different things influence what I post about; movies, magazines, blogs, street style and MUCH more. If I have just bought something new that I’m excited about, I will style it and prepare an outfit post. Or if I’m going through my closet when I feel like I have nothing to wear (don’t we all go through that often?) and I come across a great piece that I had forgotten about or only worn once, then I feature it on my next outfit post.

EDLT: Does living in Melbourne influence your style?

S: It definitely does to a certain point, but what I love about Melbourne style is that there is no certain rule or trend. Everyone on the street dresses differently in their own way. The freedom can be daunting to some but so exciting and empowering to most!

EDLT: Favorite place in Melbourne?

S: I love shopping in the city; walking by all those amazing 20th century buildings (architecture nerd right here). Also checking out boutiques on Chapel street and Flinders lane.

EDLT: Favorite places to shop?

S: I usually stay in Dubai a few months a year so I buy a lot of H&M while I’m there and other brands we need in Australia like Warehouse, River Island and Massimo Dutti.
But while I’m in Australia I find that I shop a lot at Zara and Sportsgirl for some affordable every day pieces. And occasionally, I shop at my favourite boutique green with envy.

EDLT: Describe your personal style?

S: My personal style really depends on my mood, inspiration or latest obsession. I love elegant structured pieces though and try to stay clear from pieces that don’t suit me even if they’re on trend.

EDLT: What does fashion mean to you?

S: Fashion is style. It’s self-expression really; you are what you wear. As long as you are aware of what suits your body shape and skin complexion, I don't think you can go wrong. It’s what I am most passionate about and hope I never lose interest in it.

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  1. great post idea :)
    loved learning a little bit more about Sevan too! xx

  2. Aww thank you Alice. yes its a good way to know about our fellow bloggers hehe can't wait to do it on you too. PS im pretty sure theres a photo of you on here somewhere from the Wish preview lol xx soph