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One day as i was randomly scrolling down my infinite newsfeed on facebook a certain dress from this store caught my eye. It was the same dress (its really a top) Christine Centrerana wore to Fashion Week. I knew right then and there i had to have it. By the time i got around to buy it it was sold out but the owner said he would get another one ordered for me. They were even nice enough to put it hold for me for a week or so until i could make my way up to the store which is located in the city right next to the Queen Victoria Market. The post i did on the dress is here.

From outside you can't tell the beautiful gems the store has but soon as you walk in, its a fashionistas dream. The items they stock are like no other store in Melbourne, which is what makes them stand out from the rest. The pieces are so funky edgy and fresh which i love. There were these animal print heel-less shoes which just made me want to die when i saw them. So beautiful.

I recently was lucky enough to get you all the inside scoop to What Fashiondacci is all about. enjoy the interview& the photos!

EverydayLikeThis : What is Fashionidicci?
Fashiondacci : I used fashiondacci for my ebay account like 5 years ago, I have lots of return customers, thought it the name can bring them back. no real meanings. Its like my shop's style, very free style, you can find funky to classy, home-wear to socks. 

EDLT: What made you open the store? 

F: I am trying to give fashion people something hard to find anywhere else in Melbourne except here at fashiondacci, I guess. A fresh air? A new kind of thought of fashion mixed with western and oriental trends.

EDLT: How has social platforms like facebook changed the way your business operates?
F: It is more about communication, comparing and competition I guess. People's talking and pricing are all standing naked in front of us. 

EDLT: What kind of pieces do you stock?

F: Funky, Edgy, anything are impressive or eyecandy 

EDLT: How often do you get new stock? 

F: 30kg Every Week 

EDLT: Describe your personal style?

F: I dont have a style, i am too mixed-up!! I want to try every piece of amazing fashion myself. 

EDLT: What does Fashion mean to you?

F: it is my life about. Fashion is why I have 2 eyeballs

Check out their facebook page for all the latest :

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  1. thank you my dear. we will have lots of fun like this in future!!

  2. No worries hunny. Yes we will. I can't waittt :)