American Apparel : Disco Pants

2:30 PM

My latest addiction at the moment. I love the shape and the feel of these American Apparel pants. I was so impressed with their normal cotton leggings which i bought at the start of the year and have yet to have any awkward holes on them. I knew i had to add more to my AA collection. The best part about these pants are you can wear your cropped summer tops with them. But becareful ladies, i must say i have seen a lot of fashion fails with these leggings so make sure you wear them right and don't look too try hardish. I always like to balance my looks so if im wearing something tight on the bottom i like to have something a bit more loose as a top to even out the look. If you want to wear a cropped top with a little bit of your stomach showing try wearing a bagging jumper/denim/jacket to balance your look otherwise it just looks a bit trashy. 

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  1. Where can these pants be purchased from in Melbourne???

    1. American Apparel store - 262 Chapel St Prahan VIC 3181 or Myer Basement in the City xx