Wish 'Mistaken for Strangers' Preview

12:30 PM

Fellow Melbourne Fashion Bloggers
Melbourne bloggers 
(from left to right)
Me :)
Esther and Rachel from  http://estellelamode.com

Since i didn't get to bring my camera with me to the latest Wish event i thought i would instagram them through my iphone for you all. It was so lovely meeting new fashion bloggers and to talk about how the industry is growing. The lovely ladies from Wish were also a delight to see again. They went through their summer collection and my favorite was the kimono inspired piece (See Below). Also in attendance was Wish's Model and DJ Miss Nine. It was her first time in Melbourne and she was Djing at Fashion lounge where the preview was being held. We all learnt that she left her phone in the taxi but after getting home from the event i saw her on instagram and twitter so it was so nice the taxi man came back with her phone. All in all an amazing night. Cannot wait for more catch ups with these fine ladies !!

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  1. Love the shots!
    It was such a fun night with all you ladies, and such a good collection! got to love wish.


  2. haha took a sneaky photo of you girls taking photos of each other.
    i know i had so much fun. can't wait till our next catch up :)


  3. Such a lovely night - so happy I met you girls xxx

  4. i know it was indeed. you girls are all gorgeous so glad i met you too <3