Varsity Jackets

10:00 AM

First before i start i know we all hate those annoying Rivers Tv Ads but let me tell you their stuff is actually pretty good. I think the last thing i bought from there were my lace up military boots which i practically live in  (can't find the post otherwise would of linked you kids). Anywhoo they had ads for varisty jackets not too long ago and i thought i would check thme out for my brother even though he swore he would never wear anything from there because of the ads. I picked up the maroon and Cream one for $30 and it is pretty much the only thing my brother wears so don'y let those ads fool you.

The second Varisty Jacket is from Grandma Funk Vintage. A store i am currently interning over the holidays. Although GF cater for womens they occasionally stock some mens gear too. I found this while sorting through some racks and thought it would be perfect for my brother as his name also matches the lettering on the jacket. American Vintage at its best :)

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