Sundae Stash

2:07 PM

 For those who know me know that i love my hip hop as much as i love my fashion. 
But as much as i love drooling over the latest looks from designers like Maison Martin Margiela on the runways of Paris Haute couture, i know that is a fantasy i would need to be well rollin in the dosh to versatile afford. 
 My dress sense changes with my mood but most days you'll find me in leggings/ denim, chucks,baggy jacket with some hip hop related white tee. And thats the kind of gear they stock at Sundae Stash. Although its a store aimed for guys there were heaps of stuff i would buy for myself 
(that studded denim shirt/bomber combination is amazing ). 
There isn't any stores like this in Melbourne so im glad there finally is.
They got Comme Des F*ckdown gear in now too. So excited !!!

Theyre currently re locating but check them out online and show them some love on facebook :

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  1. LOVE the bomber in the last photo! Thanks for sharing.
    I am actually loving guys clothes at the moment.
    Off now to check on their website! :)

  2. Yeah me too that Versace X H&M bomber is amazing .
    Can't wait till H&M open here so we can finally get our hands on more cool stuff like this.
    Have won't be disappointed they always have cool pieces in stock :)