Olympic 2012 London Uniforms

12:30 PM

With the Olympics starting this weekend i thought i would do a post on what the athlete will be wearing throughout the games. The opening ceremony airs this Friday but i am really excited for the closing ceremony where London will showcase its most prestige fashion and models in the industry. There's even a rumor that the Spice Girls will perform. The Australian uniform debuted around the same time as Mercedes Benz Fashion Week and there has been a bit of backlash of the design choice. Some described them looking some what like a lawn bowls team. I don't mind the blazers has a very old school feeling but im not sure about the white.
The uniforms were designed by Sportscraft while Other Countries called upon their big designers to help them with their uniform.
USA got Ralph Lauren who looked like they were too going for an old patriotic look white blazers and white bottoms.
UK got Stella McCartney (Paul McCartney's daughter)
JAMAICA got  Cedella Marley (Bob Marley's daughter)


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