Novo Shoes : Birthday Voucher

1:50 PM

So i finally got around to spend my Birthday voucher that i received from my lovely cousins. I was in really good need of good winter boots that weren't black as i live in my two pair of black boots. I found these lace up wedge boots in a tanned colour and knew i would get a lot of wear out of them as they could be worn during the day or dressed up for the night. 

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  1. VERY cute. I actually love getting vouchers because it's like a double gift- you get excited when you receive it then excited when you get to spend it! haha.
    By the way we are doing a little giv away on our blog- you could win ANOTHER voucher! Worth $100 haha

  2. thats so true. it is like a double gift hehe never thought of it like that :)
    Will check out your give away. thanks for commenting i always love coming across amazing blogs. keep up the good work :)