Miss Australia National Costume...Fails yet again

10:00 AM

I feel like i have been doing these posts every year the Miss World Pagent comes around. With so many amazing designers in our beautiful country....this is the best we come up with? 

I know we don't really have any national costume but throwing in some aboriginal designs in some see through body suit no one in Australia would be seen dead wearing is not the way to go. It didn't work last year and it won't work this year. 
Saying all that, I do like this years contestant Jessica Kahawaty. She seems smart studying her double degree and is a stunner of course. Wish her all the best !
Note to Miss Australia organizers Get people like Sass and Bide, Aurelio Costarella, Alex Perry or Dion Lee to design something. Dion Lee just won an international award presented by Vogue last night. We need to be show casing more Australian talent to the world

[images via Pedestrian TV]

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