Birthday Suit

12:30 PM

It was meant to be a quick Chadstone sesh to get My best guy pal a tie for his birthday but we ended up leaving with much more. All he was looking for was a velvet Bow Tie. We first ventured to Arthur Galan who said they sold out, then went to Calibre who fortunately had one for one hundred and something. We checked out a tie store around the corner and then hit Jack London. 

You know when you usually go shopping and the guy is always waiting around for the girl. It is quite the opposite when it comes to shopping us. But i love it. We have been friends since we were 15 and i am so lucky he is just as much into fashion as i am. I know so many bloggers who don't have people around them that are into fashion as much as they are so i am very fortunate to have close friends like these who understand my obsession and love for all things fashion.
As we walked into Jack London He had already picked out his first item. A basic mustard coloured tee but with two strips of the same material resembling a scarf.

I looked at their tie display and found a cute black velvet bow-tie which also happened to cost less then half of the Calibe one. 

He was trying on shirts and blazers to see what the tie would look like....then he came across the red blazer. As you can see from the Photos below would of been stupid if he didn't buy it. It looks amazing. Cannot wait see him wear it on his birthday. Excuse for another fashion post. Ithink so. 

Happy Birthday A. xx

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