Batman X Lazy Oaf

11:30 AM

leotard batman cape

batman collared shirt

batman mesh see through batgirl

batman crewneck sweater jumper

batman crewneck sweater jumper

batman baseball top tshirt red shorts

batman dress

black and white batman shirt

black cape shirt

batman shirt collar

batman leggings

batman t shirt top tee

With the latest installment of Chris Nolans Batman Movies i thought it would be a perfect idea to do a Batman themed shoot. As always i love searching far and wide for inspiration. I love seeing how pretty much anything can be communicated through fashion. It can be a challenge at times. Some people merely copy others ideas directly. Others like Lazy Oaf take something like Batman and make it their own. They gave this collection so much edge i love all the pieces. And as i plan my own shoot please sit back and enjoy the beauty of these photos from their look book. 

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