App Alert : My Social Stylist

12:30 PM

With the every growing social media presence there seems to be more and more ways people can connect with each other. I read an article in the MX a while ago about this App which lets you post outfits and gets people to help you create your look. I know theres a couple of wesbites that do this but i love how this on on your phone ready to use when your on the go. This would of been perfect on my Fashion Week trips to Sydney and Brisbane when i was shopping alone and needed a little advice from my fashion peers.

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  1. Thanks for the support miss! Perhaps we'll see you sharing your style on our app one day?

    My Social Stylist

    p.s. looks like you may not have our latest update? Download it if you like and check it out. Got another exciting upgrade on its way soon too. So stay tuned :)

  2. yes defiantly will be using soon. oh yes i took those screen captures months ago i'll be sure to upgrade to the latest update

    ps Loving your blog


  3. There's a similar app called 'what should I' which gives great advice, lets you give advice and showcase your outfits, and also has a blog section when you visit the website online :)

  4. oh yeah ive heard of them too thanks Sevan :)