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9:30 AM

You know when you don't buy something you liked  then start to regret your decision and can't stop thinking about it? I had that with Show Pony's Cropped Blue top with the wolfs (first picture) when i came back to Melbourne. On my trip to Sydney found a pop up store of their range. I love the array of colors they had in their dresses and the prints on the leggings and tops. All very affordable yet trendy which is exactly my style! I was lucky enough to get owner Jane answer a few questions on the brand for all you guys.enjoy :)

How did Show Pony Start?
Show Pony started from a few glasses of wine with a friend. We were talking everything we would want in an ideal store and the next week, Show Pony was up and running!

Describe the style of a Show Pony girl?
The Show Pony girl's not any particular style, she's a chameleon. Fashion changes to suit her mood and occasion. 
Our stuff's not high fashion or pretentious, it's a collection of beautiful clothes to make you feel comfortable and confident... to bring out the show pony in you! 

Can we buy your items online?
Yep, - free express shipping Australia-wide!

Describe your personal style?
I'm so fickle that I never stick to one style. Sometimes I'm real boho, and then corporate/preppy, and then there's always time for the party dresses - with the Show Pony wardrobe, it's hard to stick to the one style now!

Check out the pictures i took at the emerging designers market of their amazing items below and to keep updated with everything Show Pony be sure to show some Facebook love to their page

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