Sydney Salvos

5:08 PM

So on my last day to the airport i got a bit lost going to the train station but i always make the most of every situation. I stumbled upon a Salvos store and couldn't resist since i hadn't find anything vintage in my trip yet.I managed to find a cute pair of black leather lace up flats which were perfect as the black flats i wore to Sydney were pretty much on their death bed (there's a massive split in the middle of it ). I guess that's what you get for buying  $5 Rubi shoes. These babys cost me $8 and look like they're real leather so i'm sure they will last me a while.A big thank you to the ladies working there for helping me with directions

Location : 455 Pacific Highway, Crows Nest NSW

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  1. Love this shoes! Salvos is a great shop! I bought a fur coat there for $8! How good is that?

    xx lovefashion -

  2. ohh thanks yeah i know i love salvos. $8 for furr coat thats a bargain :)