MBFWA 2012 Aurelio Costarella Pre show

12:15 PM

Soon as the Models came in dressing began and photos began to be taken. I finally asked the man behind it all for a photo too. Every time i've seen him at a show i always have been too shy to ask him. So happy i got a photo with him. He is by far the nicest person i've met whilst working at fashion weeks.

Aurelio Costarella and I backstage at MBFWA 2012
The yellows, turquoises to the creams and blacks all the dresses displayed were just stunning. i thought they looked amazing on the hangers but they looked 10 times better on the models.
All models had slicked high pony tails and some of them were wearing beautiful head pieces which matched their dresses. I didn't notice at the time but looking at the runway photos every detail was matched to the collection. Models had the same green eye shadow that was seen on the runway as well the the same shade of yellow on their nails.I am so glad i got to help out at this show. The way its run is completely different to what im used to at the other fashion weeks. Each collection?designer has its own vibe, Hair and make up can be done accordingly and because its only one designer outfit changes aren't that crazy.

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