MBFWA 2012 Aurelio Costarella Backstage

12:00 PM

Day 2 in Sydney had me wondering the streets aimlessly looking for sydneys new labels and stores that had been never heard of in Melbourne. After finding a few stores (posts on them below) i decided to head down to Circular Quay and get ready to help out for the show. After nearly getting lost i made my way down to one of Sydney most prestigious landmarks. I got there half an hour before call time so i decided to get a coffee, read up on my fashion finds and just enjoy the magnificent view.

After trying to find the perfect filter for my new Instagram picture (took way long then i hoped) quickly sipped my cold coffee and headed to the 'tent' where the show was being held.
The tent Where MBWFA 2012 took place

I saw Aurelio and His team waiting at the entrance at the back and found his Brand manager Paul who was the one gave me all the details about the show. They said hi and introduced me to two amazing ladies who were also working backstage and had been helping Ray with the collection. As we walked backstage passed hair and make up we saw the Mayhem of everyone trying to clean up and clear out of the show before us which was Camilla. I remember Camilla's collection from my time in Brisbane MBFW so i wasn't surprised seeing burst of bright colors as we walked in. After a couple of minutes after i got my backstage pass & backstage was ours and we began to start work.
My pass :)

I was helping the two ladies who were in the team they were ironing and steaming everything soon as we got everything out of the plastic. I seriously fell in love with everything as soon as i saw it.

This was my favorite
Its one thing to admire the dresses from the runway but its another getting to see them backstage first hand and seeing all the details that you otherwise would of missed. Soon as the garments were ready i took them (sometimes on my tippy toes as they were streamed to perfection and couldn't get any creases) and put them with the rack which matched the models name and shoes.

heaviest dress i have ever carried.

After volunteers came in and after that models with hair and make up fully done. Everyone got into their dresses, only 3 girls had a 2nd outfit changed so the mayhem backstage would of been tamed to melbournes fashion week and 5 or so changes.
We had this inside joke about the dress Isa was wearing as it was really hard to iron/steam and then we found a mascara mark on it.Then When models came to wear the dresses, That dress was still on the hanger when me n the one of the ladies were helping them all get dressed. The dress was beautiful. it looked amazing on the runway it was just all the pre work that made it funny. The most funniest part was when all the dresses were being packed up. They had sticky notes with all the models names and guess which one was on the ground...Isa's name we couldn't stop laughing.
These amazing ladies i got to help. Serious surgery happening on the amazing dress !

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