May Day

11:39 AM

Hello all

I know i haven't written in a while, uni has been taking over my life but saying that i do have some amazing posts lined up for you all.
In the last few weeks i have started doing little bios on some of Melbourne's best kept secrets. You know the stores that are amazing but only the locals know about. I was looking for some places to shop in Sydney before my trip and was thinking how easier it would be if there was a insight to some amazing stores on blogs so i decided to make one for all you future travelers to Melbourne.

There are 5 photoshoots in stall.

  •  Block colour
  •  Black Milk laundry mat shoot
  •  Gas Station shoot -Cwolf photography
  • and a couple of Drake inspired fashion shoots since you kids have made my drizzy posts the most looked at on my site :)
 2 of these are ready for you all and the rest are in editing phase. So keep a look out on here and on Facebook.

As well as my usual posts i took a trip to Sydney for my first MBFWA. Australian Fashion week has always been something i wanted to do when i started working at fashion weeks. It was an amazing experience and i am so grateful i got the opportunity to work for Aurielo Costarella at the debut of his 2012/2013 collection which of course was amazing. Not only did i get to work backstage at the show but after all the prepping i got to watch the show which is an industry event only. So exciting dream come true. More on all that soon.

I also found some amazing Sydney based labels and stores which i cannot wait to share with you all. Saveus, Show pony l, Attik and Afro Funk to name a few. I was wondering around the city for ages to find such unique items can't wait to share them with you all. In the meantime Heres what my Sydney trip was like via Instagram...enjoy :)

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