The Day i Met one of my Fashion idols : Fashion Toast's Rumi Neely

10:34 AM

For those that don't know Rumi Neely is fashion royalty to all the fashionistas out there in the world. Based in California Rumi Started a Fashion Blog called fashion toast. Her site covers her purchases, fashion weeks and the amazing photography of her boyfriend Colin. From there she has landed many fashion campaigns, Front row seats to fashion weeks and gets to travel the world.
Why i am in love with her? Her site Fashion Toast was one of the first fashion blogs i ever came across and become addicted. Up until then i didn't even know what a fashion blog was.Her journey has really inspired me. As she was introduced on stage there was a good 30-40 of us who were amazed to see her in person. All those years following her site and finally to see her in the flesh. It was a surreal feeling.
She answered a few questions asked in the interview followed by answering questions asked by the audience. 
After that we all lined up to get photos with her.
Soon as i got up on the stage i said to her "your very inspirational you're the reason i started my blog and i just wanted to give you my first business card" she was so touched. she even mentioned on her blog that she needs to do more meet and greets as its very rare thing for her to do.
Never in a million years did i think i was going to meet someone like her who lives across the globe but im so glad i did. Makes me fall in love with fashion all over again.

 Shout out to Pedestrian Tv and Miss Shop for bringing her to the country. She'll be back in the country for Australan Fashion Week. 

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  1. OMG wow how amazing! Her blog was also one of the first I started reading! I am so jealous you lucky girl!!!