Samantha Harris LMFF

2:10 PM

One of the weirdest feelings you could have is posting something about a celebrity in the fashion industry and then getting to meet them in person down the track.
When Samantha Harris landed a Vogue cover i was so thrilled to see some Aussie diversity in the industry i had to share that on my site asap.
Fast forward to fashion week i was appointed her dresser backstage for L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival. She flew down from Sydney for just the opening show as it was hosted by David Jones. I was so lucky to get her as my model. She was the sweetest girl. so down to earth and just funny as hell. She even made sure i was fed and was getting water. We had this inside joke that we were long lost twins the whole night which made working with that that much funner. She gave me her hair tie and was like remind me to take it home n we both laughed and said i was going to keep and sell it on ebay "samantha harris's hair tie" haha. Sammy im sorry i forgot to give you ur hair tie back. I'll make sure i keep it safe until i work with you soon :)

Me and Sammy
Samantha shoes
Colletee Dinnigan jacket
Celine Shoes with a mysterious missing tassle


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  1. Oh wow!! You're so lucky i bet it was an amazing experience!! xx

  2. nice blog dear <3

    GIVEAWAY CONTEST last 2 days!

    GIVEAWAY CONTEST last 2 days!

  3. it was amazing. words can't even explain :) thanks girls xx