L'Oreal Melbourne Fashion Festival Opening 2012

1:11 PM

Opening Night at LMFF was amazing. the show was sponsored by David Jones. Backstage was a beautiful crazy chaotic but i wouldn't of had it any other way. I was lucky enough to dress the David Jones ambassador Samantha Harris who flew down just for the one show. She was so sweet and lovely (im doing a post on just her soon so more on that later). Backstage there were racks and racks of clothes,YSL and Loubutions everywhere and dolled up models head to toe in gorgeous outfits ready to put on a show. After rehearsals and fixing up malfunctions it was show time. One of the downs of working backstage is that you don't get to see the show but thank god most of the shows are recorded. i rather be seeing the outfits and shoes up and close on the models backstage rather then sitting metres away in a seat.

Heres some photos of what happened backstage as well as most of the same models on the runway so you all get the best of both worlds of the show.

dressers sitting by their racks waiting for models to arrive

Loubutions...gotta love red soles
Models getting touch ups and ready in line



Kate Peck

Montana Cox - Recent winner of Australia Next top model who flew down from Paris Fashion Week after her Chanel show


My model Samantha Harris

Montana Cox

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