Torontos Care Taker

3:51 AM

I discovered a pretty interesting feature to this blog where you can see stats on what posts get viewed the most. Despite being a fashion blog my most looked at posts are the random posts i have on rapper/singer Drake. So heres another one for all you  fellow crazy fans out there.When i got a call from my Cousins in Toronto early last month asking what i wanted for my birthday what did i say? give me drake. and that they did. :)

My cousin was also fortunate to meet Drake randomly in Toronto. From what he told me. He sounds like the nicest guy. and of course when i found out i lost my shit haha
Now to turn this into fashion related. here was also a Drake Themed night a couple of weeks ago leading up to take cares release. Me and one of the girls decided to rock it with our ovo jumpers what other night could you pull off wearing the same jumpers at a club hehe. we got so many werid looks from people throughout the night. But the ones who knew what the owl meant loved us for repping OVO. They also gave out free Drake t-shirts at the club. i pretty much live in mine.

My free tee

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