CC Summer Runway Show 2011

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I know the show was in November and this post is way over due and i apologize. exams, birthdays, holidays but i finally went through a billion photos and edited them we have this post.As usual working at the CC runway show was so much fun. With all the pre production work done thoroughly the day went like a breeze. i helped Roy make designer briefs and it was so exciting to see all the designers have the sheets ready and labeled. it made things easier for models as they knew what they were wearing and the designers as it also served as a list of what items needed to be found when the show was over.the best thing about backstage is watching it all unfold and coming together. and i love how everyone makes new friends. i was watching the designers mingling with each other getting advice and tips and models working on their walks together.
designer description sheets- made by your truely hehe
 It was lovely to see the girls from Little Foreign Lane again always a pleasure working with them. The girls from my boutique were really nice too. i did a post on them before the show so it was nice meeting them in person.
Girls from Little Foreign Lane

My friend from high school Taela who is the owner of Indian Rose Vintage made her debut. so proud of her. Shes come so far. feel like it was just yesterday that we would be chit chatting at our lockers before rushing to class hehe.
Taela and i - so much has changed since our high school days

Oh and Denise from Fabric Croissant Vintage is seriously so creative . The paper props she used in the show were just amazing. such a simple idea but it made the show. so glad they chose to close with her. i was having a lovely chat to her about selling stuff online as i want to do it in the future. shout out to her for saving me from starvation and giving me her maccas fries :)

fabric Croissants Denise with her models backstage
Lastly nimiam the guys label came in a little late but the models and designers didn't waste any time picking out singlets and doing fittings straight away. i heard the boys were all doing push ups in the mens change room haha.

Of course in fashion  industry there is always going to be one or two high headed people, i wont go into it too much detail but all i will say is when someones giving you a chance to to showcase your collection and you don't follow whats required and bad mouth them backstage in front of everyone, not only does it make them look bad it makes your label look bad too...but anyways the overall show was amazing. models, designers and crew all came in signed in. i tried my best to make sure model orders didn't clash too much and that models knew where they were going. Last time at the show i turned into this pyscho screaming at everyone which is so beyond my nature so it was soo good to have a smooth show.  Well done Designers, Models, crew and of course Roy. thank you for giving  me the opportunity to work in this event.
 The ever so talented and founder of civilian chavez Roy with the models

designers- show them some love :)

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