Sass and Bide Sale Buys

5:14 PM

"Some sort of trust" top. was $190 got it for $30
"Second from the left" top was $180 got it for $30
"Behind the scenes" bodysuit was $220 got it for $30
"Bare my heart" dress was $450. got it for $120
"Your motivation" dress. was $650. got it for $120
After looking aimlessly for parking and driving past the hall and seeing the massive line the girls and i were about to give up and just go eat because we were soo hungry. We finally found parking  a couple streets away and as we entered the doors the line was gone and it was every (wo)man for themself. if you look at the post before this you can see how packed it got. i literary just got anything that was in my size and pushed my way through the crowds. after reuniting with my girls we all got changed in a corner and were being each others mirrors. i got 2 tops, a bodysuit and 2 dresses one of which will be my birthday dress :) 

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