Op Shopping

1:57 AM

 Savers Dandenong
Another owl item to add to my everyday wear. real silver $10

shiny gold top
Beige dress with random panel on the right hand side and under the arms. i love the uniqeness of this dress theres like 3 materials used. need to alter it. photos when i have the final product
An old grandma top with black beading. love the detail on this.

Sandringham Op Shop
This was $2 at a Op Shop in the Bayside area. absolute bargain.
I've been using this bag for months now. its the perfect size. i can fit so much in it. got it for $8

Savers Brunswick 
Love this. Perri Cutten top. the material is so comftable. got it for $5 because the bottom was torn. have to get it fixed but even in the photo you can't really tell.

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