Mordi Op Shop

12:18 AM

Went to lunch with the talented Taela of Indian Rose Vintage at the beautiful Main St cafe the other day. It was one of those perfect sunny days. After nibbling on our chips and turkish rolls we thought we'd quickly pop by to the Salvos which was a couple stores down. On the way we saw there was another Op Shop run by the Lions Club. Taela was saying at lunch how shes seen me buy all these trenchs at op shops on my blog and how the only one she could find that she liked was  Burberry Mens out which was waay to big on her. Sure enough soon as we enter the store. there was a cream trench in her size hanging on the ceiling. fate? i also found some amazing things. a beautiful black cape and a electric blue cropped tee...oh and did i mention the total of these purchases was $7.50? winnning i know :) 

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