Civilian Chavez Winter Runway Show 2011

4:22 AM

Couple weeks ago i was privileged to be working at an amazing event called Civilian Chavez Winter Runway Show. The event was organized by one of my good friends cousin Roy who did an amazing job.There were a few hurdles throughout the day models and a designer pulling out some corporate event finishing an hour before the show was meant to start but at the end we all worked at a team and pulled through. The day started slow with models arriving at 11 and soon after that hair and make-up team came and the work started. The first label to arrive was Prouv.

Prouvs Collection

After speaking to designer Chloe and helping her on order list of her models i went to the room where all the models were getting their hair and make up done. i got my make up done by one of the lovely make-up artists Steph she did an amazing job with smokey eyes.Couple hours later a few more of the labels arrived- Jacqueline Buck Couture, Her Name was Eve and Scene.Fittings and final adjustments were on its way and the mayhem and countdown to the event had arrived.
Designer Val from Her name was Eve
for some of the models it was their first time and were nervous but my god did they look stunning on the runway.
As we rushed every rack of clothes downstairs for the show which was starting in 30mins it was quite nerve racking as we didn't get to do a proper rehearsal due to the corporate event. at this point everyone was nervous and anxious. The models got a quick run through on the catwalk and after that i told everyone to get into their first outfits and get ready for the show while the designers were getting interviewed by host Kathleen.
The lovely girls from Scene getting interviewed by Kathleen

Cameras flashing, music playing, crowd coming down from upstairs and seats filling up we knew the show was going to start in any minute.

Models in Jacqueline Buck Couture waiting backstage for the show to start

I didn't get to watch any of the show as i was helping out backstage. We got these cool walkie talkies which me, another one of the assistants, Roy and the camera man had so we knew what label was up next and when they were finishing. As i helped set the running order of the labels i made sure i stayed backstage and made sure models knew where they were going when they were done with the previous label and when the designers had to be ready to start dressing the models.
Backstage - Where all the magic and mayem took place

Backstage was crazy. i apologize if i was too loud or sounded mean when i was yelling like a crazy person trying to get everyone to go to the right places. Usually i am just a dresser at fashion events so this was a whole new thing for me but i had heaps of fun i was still buzzing from it all well after the show was over. To the models, hair and make up crew, assistants,designers, photographers and stylists you all did an amazing job. i had so much fun working with you all throught the day. And Roy my love what more can i are brilliant...can't wait for the next show !!!

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