Pulp Kitchen T-shirt Coming My Way :)

6:54 PM

"We here at Pulp Kitchen love to hear tales of the adventures and debauchery that you and your favourite Pulp Kitchen T-shirt get up to.   So to keep us entertained over here at PK headquarters, throughout the winter months we are going to be giving away a free T-shirt to 10 people (each month) who post the most creative photo of themselves wearing their favourite Pulp Kitchen T-shirt..."

I got this Captain Planet Shirt for my birthday couple of years ago that i wore to a Beauty and the Geeks 21st last year. Although i think i look like a complete douche in the picture i was like there's no harm in sending it in. And i'm glad i did because i was one of the lucky winners to win a free t shirt.WOOOO
Picture of tee will be posted soon as i get it. i hope its some sort of hip hop tee or that tiger woods one they had on their page (see below) 

And heres my winning entry pic hehe 

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