Trench II

10:59 PM

Just Jeans $89.95

Miss Shop $100


Dotti- $99

kmart  $24.95

Witchery Pea Coat $345.95

Witchery - Button Collar Coat $345.95

I swear i already wrote this post but i'm guessing with the blogger services not being available recently it might of gotten deleted? Anyway i'm looking for a trench for winter again. We haven't even stepped into winter yet and the weathers already terrible. This time i want a beige one to brighten up my dull black and Grey winter wardrobe. And i must say after seeing Alexa Chung wearing this ensemble made me want one even more.  Is their anything she can't pull off?She could make a paper bag look chic.

[image of alexa via celebrityfixfashion ]

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