No Boys Allowed

2:51 AM

So over the Weekend some of hip hops finest came down for an music festival called Supafest. I usually prefer house festivals over these things as usually they're like dlist rappers who have fallen through but the Line up this year was without a doubt amazing and im so glad i went. The Game, Nelly, Busta Rhymes and Snoop were amazing. Busta doing his bit from the song "Look at me now" with Chris brown was definitely my highlight. the guy raps soo was crazy. From a fashion point of veiw what on earth was Keri Hilson wearing? denim on denim and a bra? where'd your top go miss keri baby? But i did like her second out fit she wore when she came on stage to sing live tonight for the first time live with nelly.her second outfit she wore when she and nelly did their duet for  live tonight for the first time live was much better :)

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Busta, Snoop, Fat joe, Bow wow , The Game and Nelly

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