LMFF sidewalk Jeans West

1:34 AM

It was a cold melbourne morning i was on the train on the way to my last lmff shift. i was just meant to be front of house tasks like setting up but got a call from one of the events staff about helping back of house again as that was what i was doing on the night before. The show was pretty easy as jeanswest outfits were ncie and simple...nothing like the students shows so it wasn't as chaotic backstage. Although the team who did the mens make-up for the show made them looked like over bronzed eyeliner-ed drag queens which was quiet funny.  each model had 4,5, or 6 changes.The model i got for the day was Lucy McIntosh who was the face of MSWF 2010. If you go past the accessory store Lovisa im pretty sure shes the Model for that store at the moment .But yeh she was so nice we were having the funniest conversations about boobs and booty and how we wished we had less ass and more cleavage haha. All in all it was a nice way to end working in the event.

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