LMFF - pre production

2:24 AM

It all started with the volunteers brief couple weeks ago which was held at the Sofitel Hotel On Collins Street. We all sat in our seats looking at the stage waiting for the head of event to start their speech. i learned out of the 1200 people that applied a mere 300 got in and i was happy i was one of them. After the standard Dos and Don't s we were aloud to leave.  

Uniform Collection Day was soon after that and i volunteered to help out in the LMFF offices. It was soo busy we had a some what system of getting lanyards,shoes,t-shirts and getting names checked and correct passes from the co-coordinators. Only problem was that t shirts and shoe sizes ran pretty quickly. so glad i went early as both my shoe and short sizes were the small and would of ran out if i went at my orginal sheduled time which was 6. This year the t-shirt were designed by Dion Lee and for shoes we got Dunlop Volleys.

The Sunday before the event i worked in the collections room which was a  massive warehouse in South Melbourne.Inside was Clothes for everything in the event which was pretty exciting. i saw designers Dhini and the designers from LimeDrop come in and do fittings with models. it was a pretty hot day and their was no air con in the room so if we wanted fresh air we went into a smaller room. Things didn't get any cooler in there either as the mens fittings were situated there. The girls and i took a very long break watching the models change into their different outfits...it was definitely my highlight for the day !

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