LMFF - Mens Runway and National Graduate Show

12:20 AM

My First official day at LMFF began on Wedesday. In the Morning we had dress rehearsals for Mens Runway which was crazy as the dancers for the National Graduate show sponsored by Sportsgirl were also doing dress rehearsals at the same time so it was crazy backstage. The model i got was Gidar he was pretty nice and all his outfits were pretty easy so it wasn't hard putting them on him. i have to say felt soo awkward taking clothes off guys haha. After our lunch break we went backstage again where the rehearsals for the NGS took place. some of the students designed some pretty intense stuff. Some of them looked familiar from the melbourne spring fashion week student show last year. i was lucky enough to be assigned a male model again who only had 2 outfit changes so i didn't have complicated outfits as other dressers.  His name was Rohan and you can agree with me by looking at the pictures below that he was a stunner. But yeh he was really nice giving me little tips on how to undress him lol i don't get where people have this view that all models are snobby everyone i worked with in the show was nice and down to earth. The first outfit was a pajama type out fit by Sangeeta Singh followed by electric blue pants and a complicated cardigan/scarf attire by a young female designer Jennifer Chua.She had to come show me how to put the cardigan on becuase it was so completed. i started to freak out because we didn't put it on right in rehearsals . Just before the show our volunteer coordinator said we need an arts and craft session and draw smiles for the models to see as they walk out as the show was meant be fun and easy going. I drew a picture of my models contact card which i saw later stuck on one of the productions staffs chest lol The show was a success and i winged the cardigan after practicing a trillion times on the other dressers.

[images via Chadwick models, fashionisng & APL photography]

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